Points East Coastal Drive

Cultural experiences and activities are abundant in eastern PEI.

The eastern end of the Island offers its own brand of “Down East” culture and experiences that include theatre, Ceilidhs, artisans, museums, six lighthouses open to the public, and over "50 Phenomenal Beaches". Here, you can also explore the history of the Island’s vanished railway, bike the Confederation Trail, fish for giant Bluefin tuna or learn how to dig bar clams or tong for oysters. Experience artisans and craftspersons at work in beautiful coastal towns. If you plan to take the ferry from Nova Scotia to PEI, the Points East Coastal Drive is where you’ll arrive. Download our free mobile app.

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Crafts and Quilts by Two Pisces and a Crab

A relaxing halting place where Crafts and Quilts will please your eyes and the “Kingsboro Labyrinth and Wishing Tree Walk” will soothe your inner spirits! There is something otherworldly about labyrinths that, through history, have served spiritual or temporal purposes. Ours offers a meandering path that spirals to a central goal in a middle area and then out again. An experience in our meadow to remember!