Due to circumstances beyond their control, some studios and locations won’t be able to open this season. Please confirm hours and open status by contacting the locations directly.

Quilt boards are used to designate Arts & Heritage Trail participants, providing visitors with an easily identifiable trail to follow. An Island symbol, the quilt speaks strongly of our creative heritage. The quilt boards found along the trail have been created by Island visual artists working with participants to reflect each arts or heritage venue thematically and visually.

Quilt Board trails are found in 22 states and 4 other provinces. Each trail has a specific purpose and art model. On PEI the purpose of quilt boards is to raise the profiles of the participating arts and cultural partners.

We hope you enjoy our quilt board art and the Arts and Heritage Trail.

Every property with a Quilt Board has a Quick Response (QR) Code sign that will take your smartphone back to this website for more information about the related cultural attraction.

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